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Bosch 18lt/min WR18B31 – LPG

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Bosch, the inventors of continuous-flow gas hot water systems, offer high-quality, high-efficiency hot water systems for South African homes and businesses.

Our gas hot water systems are among the most economical in the market. High efficiency ratings mean you’ll save on running costs while lowering your impact on the environment. At the same time knowing you have chosen quality something Bosch is renowned for.

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WR18 B31
Output (kW) 27.9
Gas Type LPG
Gas consumption (LPG in Kg/h) 2.79
Dimensions (H x W X D cm) 75.5 x 46 x 22
Water data
Max permissible water pressure (psi) 170
Flow range (l/min) 2-17.6
Minimum operating pressure (psi) 3

Ignition Type: Battery
Two D cell torch batteries provide the power to open the gas solenoid and fire the igniters when the unit detects water flow.Once the gas is ignited, the igniters cease firing and the water heats up rapidly

Single Point:
Bath – (suitable)

Multi Point:
Wash basin + shower – (for best performance)
Shower + bath + wash basin (recommended)


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