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Infiniti Classic Built In Fireplace Double Sided Complete (Firebox and Grate) 700 Standard




These units have a steel firebox c/w with a standard 40mm wide black frame. This firebox gets built into your masonry wall.

 On completion of building, the grate style chosen, as well as any of the 6 optional trims, can be easily fitted to the firebox, purchased as a separate accessory.  

This gives considerable versatility to the unit in enabling a wide range of looks to suit each person’s individual style.

 Perfect for the developer, who can build in a standard firebox and later customize this to each purchaser’s choice as the units are sold.

Flue-less Gas Fires work without a chimney and make full use of the gas burnt in creating useable heat. The design of these grates is such that the amount of carbon monoxide/ dioxide produced is minimized to make the fire safe to use.

 This makes these flue-less gas fire units superb for the economical heating of open plan living spaces. And of course they are perfect for installation into rooms or houses without chimneys.

 It is unsafe/ illegal to install these units into bedrooms or bathrooms. Typically bedrooms are smaller than living areas and are rooms where people will sleep overnight. It would potentially be unsafe to have a person sleeping through the night, in a small room, if the gas grate was left

running through the night. The grates do consume oxygen in their combustion process.

Unit Heat Output Heating Capacity Gas Consumption g/hr Legal Minimum Room Size Permanent Ventilation Required*
  KW m3 Lo Hi m3 cm2
700 Classic D/S 7 Kw 300 250 490 98 2 x 160

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Gas Type

Natural Gas, LP Gas

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