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Infiniti Corbusier Double Sided Fireplace



The  double-sided Corbusier have a space-saving 310mm depth, making them very easy to build into internal brick walls, whilst giving a very stylish appearance.


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These industry leading low emissions are very beneficial in terms of:

  • a virtually odourless grate
  • a very safe grate with lower amounts of Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide produced
  • a more efficient grate as more of the carbon in the fossil fuel is converted in the combustion process to usable heat.The bodies of these gas fires were designed to be different to the norm currently produced in South Africa. With innovative thinking about minimizing steel waste and maximizing look and heating capacity.In line with the great abstract architects and painters of the last century who dared to be different, these units are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist way.
Unit Heat Output Heating Capacity Gas Consumption g/hr Legal Minimum Room Size Permanent Ventilation Required*
  KW m3 Lo Hi m3 cm2
700 Corbusier 7 Kw 300 250 490 98 2 x 160


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Gas Type

Natural Gas, LP Gas

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